Genting Highlands is an integrated resort development comprising hotels, casinos and a theme park in Pahang, perched on the peak of Gunung Ulu Kali at 1,800 meters high. Nestled near the border of Selangor within an hour's drive from Kuala Lumpur (about 35km), Genting Resort presents a popular weekend getaway from the city heat, conveniently connected by the Karak Highway and major trunk roads, along with a cable car service from the satellite town of Gohtong Jaya. On a clear day, the peak overlooks lush valleys of rainforest stretching towards KL, a breathtaking view for visitors as they enjoy the cooling weather and serene mountain environment.

Skyway Cable Car:Great way to travel the last leg of the drive up to Genting...have driven up the mountain many times but this time with our visitors decided to join them on the cable car. Great view as you slowly climb over the canopy towards the mountain top...great opportunity to view the jungle and various species of trees, bamboo etc
Chin Swee Cave Temple: This is one place where travellers can really have peace of mind and it is so peaceful and the temperature is so comforting that one can sit for hours doing self meditating or even reading without feeling uncomfortable. The scenery is also so beautiful that if you were to feel bored the scenery will invigorate you.
Genting Highlands Theme Park: The theme park is one place where the young and young at heart should visit and it is guaranteed to make your day. The rides are awesome and some of them can be downright scary.What a better way to forget about your problems even for a few hours.
Gunung Bunga Buah: The trail is easy as there's a lot of "caution tape" marker along the way and you won’t miss it. It's better if you go there with someone with experience or it will be confusing at the start of the journey and you might miss the right way to the peak.

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