Egypt (Sinai Resorts area)

The more great magnificent ancient Egyptian ruins and breathtaking let impress what you see always. Desert of burning, landscape, and the light of the sun gives us energy. Hinya Ritoshi was marine blue water makes me recover the spirit. The longest river of romantic cruise world is crowded wrapped in impressed the senses. First-class recreation resort in the Red Sea Riviera is the escapism of genuine. Egyptian charm, mystery, it does not taste in other absolute pleasure. Carries the foot to Egypt, go be sure to discover the wonders of the world. lifesgoodholidays site, will help so that you can enjoy your vacation to the maximum in Egypt trip.

1. Sharm el Sheikh
Sharm el Sheikh is a sprawling resort city at the tip of the peninsula and most visitors to Sinai arrive through its airport. Mostly noted for water sports and the wide selection of high-end hotels.
2. Dahab
Livelier and more developed than Nuweiba or Taba, Dahab is the second resort city of South Sinai, but on a more human-scale and with more character than Sharm el Sheikh.
3. Nuweiba
Nuweiba is a major port city, connecting Egypt to Jordan at their port of Aqaba. The city is spread out with four major hubs: the Muzeina, Port (Mina), Center and Tarabin areas.
4. Taba
Taba is the main border crossing between Egypt and Israel and the only one open to foreigners. There are a number of high-end hotels and also many simple beach camps along the road to Nuweiba.
5. St. Catherine
The town of St. Katherine is famous for the Monastery of St. Katherine, built on the believed site of the Burning Bush at the foot of Mt. Sinai (Jebel Musa).
6. Wadi Feiran
Wadi Feiran is mostly visited for its Orthodox Convent. The functioning, newer complex is in a beautiful garden along the main road, located right next to some older ruins.
Abu Zenima and Serabit el Khadem
Abu Zenima is a very little town on the coast along the main Cairo-Sharm road with a few shops, cafés, restaurants and basic accommodation. It is worth a mention only since the road to Serabit el Khadem branches off from here. Serabit el Khadim is a small settlement in the desert next to the most important Pharaonic ruins in the Sinai. 
8. Ras Sudr
Ras Sudr is popular with Egyptians and ex-pats from Cairo as a Red Sea get-away destination. 
9. El Tor
Although it is the capital of the Governorate of South Sinai, El Tor is quite small with a central market and a few shopping streets around it. Foreigners usually visit it only to extend their visa, but the town does have some charm and a couple of sights.
10. El Arish
The capital of the Governorate of North Sinai, El-Arish is a pleasant seaside town with fine beaches, but because of its proximity to Rafa and Gaza (Palestinian territories) and problems associated with it, it is not a main tourist destination.

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