Port Blair

Given the beauty of the rest of the Andaman’s, Port Blair is an upcoming city no different from any other smaller Indian city, although the seaside has been tarted up a bit. It comprises of people from all over India and one can imagine it as mini India with no conflicts on region and religion. Aside from Cellular Jail, there are quite few places which include Ross Island, Barren Island (known for the only active volcano) and few others known for its historical importance. A week's trip will cover the must see places at the island's. You can however do day trip to other close by places like Wandoor,


In 1789 the government of Bengal established a penal colony on Chatham Island in the southeast bay of Great Andaman, named Port Blair to honour Lieutenant Archibald Blair of the British East India Company.

Cellular Jail:
Andaman Island was called the Kalapani because of this place where freedom fighters were kept under rigorous imprisonment during the British regime in India. The saga of heroism of our Freedom Fighters can be witnessed here. Not to be missed is the “Light & Sound show” in the evening.  More details on timings, location and charges here.

Chidya Tapu:
As the name suggests, Chidya Tapu means the Bird Island. A place for picturesque sunset and bird watching around 25kms from Port Blair. Taking a drive to ChidyaTapu, you will discover the greener side of Andamans – the evergreen rain forests, the mangrove creeks and the rich flora. Chidya Tapu also has a forest guest house situated on top of a hillock. For bookings one may contact Forest Department.

Ross Island:
The former British Head-Quarters in Andaman Islands. It is a treat to visit the island just to watch the trees growing on the ancient buildings. Yes, you read me right ! See for yourself; the picture beside says it all.  Ross Island is 25 mins from Port Blair. You can take a boat from Aberdeen Jetty.

Corbyn’s Cove Beach:
A coconut palm fringed beach located in Port Blair. If sunset watching is what is in your mind and you don’t want to travel too far, this is the place to be.  Being the only beach in Port Blair, you’ll find a lot of localites here.
Imp: There is no public transport available here. You may hire an auto on to and fro basis, if you don’t have a rented vehicle with you.

A beautiful beach just 25 kms from Port Blair. Famous for snorkeling and coral watching in glass bottom boat among tourists. A day trip to Wandoor might cost somewhere around 2000-4000 if you hire a rental car. You may take a bus from Aberdeen Bazar bus stop if you are in backpacking mode.

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