Visakhapatnam is the popular beach spot also recognized as Vaishakhapuram. The easy name to identify this Indian tourist place is Vaizak or Vizag. This is the main city with port on the South-East India. Vizag is the 2nd biggest metropolis of state of AP (Andhra Pradesh), India. This city is also the 3rd chief metropolis on the east coast after Chennai and Kolkata. Vizag is just 625 kilometres away from the capital Hyderabad. Today Visakhapatnam is turned as main spot for ample of heavy firms and steel plants. Vaizak is the India's chief and major sea ports that serve India from long time. The oldest shipyard is first choice for a traveller to holiday in Vizag. Visakhapatnam is the only harbour created by nature situated in the east coast side of India.

The name of Vaizak was given after Visakha, who is the Hindu divinity of Valor. The beautiful hills surrounded the city is amazing and visitors will get countless spots with astonishing views. The nestled hills, Ghats and Bay of Bengal are key spots of tourism in this spot. As Visakhapatnam is headquarter of the Indian Navy so the city is spotless and delightfully preserved by the local administration. Because of cleanness, it is referred as “The City of Destiny." Reaching Vizag allow a tourist to reach Goa as well, which is another best Indian tourist place. The impressive and appealing beaches, late rite hillocks with dramatic landscape are special things in the city.

Ramakrishna Beach - R.K.Beach is the most popular beach in the sense that, you can find the locals hanging out during the hot summers, and relatively less hot winters.

Rushikonda - Located 11kms away from the city, this has become a popular tourist spot that even the locals frequent. A lot safer to wade into than the R.K. Beach, cradled among hills, this used to be an excellent beach away from the madding crowds.

Kambalakonda - A gorgeous nature preserve that many people in Vizag itself seem to be unaware of. The solitude and the peace that one can experience at Kambalakonda located within 20-25 minutes drive from the city centre is priceless.

Jagadamba Center - Also called Jagadamba junction. Can be considered as Downtown and is a must visit place. There is all forms of entertainment available here, from scenic beauty to the noisy crowds. All the famous shopping centers and malls can be found here.

Kailasa Giri - A local favourite, a short ride on to this hill gives you a spectacular view of the sea, RK.Beach and Rushikonda Beach on right and left hand side. There is a huge sculpture of Shiva and Parvathi. With a children's play area, a people- mover akin to a ski lift called a ropeway. Beautiful scenic view can be obtained from the ropeway, especially in the evening, when the city comes alive with all the lights.

War Memorial - There is a war memorial on remembrance of the victory at the sea on 1971 Indo pak war. It is situated on the left side of Beach Road, just opposite to the Submarine Museum. There is a fighter plane, a tank and few bombs/ missiles kept as exibits. There is no entry fee and can be viewed from the road.

Simhachalam - A must see on a trip to Visakhapatnam, for its architectural splendour although some of the sculptures were defaced during the Islamic invasions. The temple inscriptions date the earliest donors to the 10-11th centuries. The exact date of construction is unknown. It is located 15 kms from the city and is dedicated to the half man half lion avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Matsyadarshini Aquarium - This aquarium is situated on the left side of Kali temple of R.K. Beach. It has a good collection of marine as well as freshwater fishes. The exit gate of the aquarium resembles the open mouth of a huge white tipped shark. 'Kala Shrusti' a handicrafts sales shop is on the top of the aquarium.

Submarine Museum - is a one of its kind museum created in a real (now de-
commisioned) submarine of Indian Navy.This is the first of its kind in eastern asia. 
This submarine is one of the earliest submarine procured from Russia. One gets to 
interesting facts of working in the submarine. The museum is manned by retired naval people.

Naval Museum - is one more museum about maritime history of India. Again its a lovely museum displaying pictures, models and content of Indian maritime history.

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