Kodaikanal is a gift of nature. Blessed with abudance of forest, pristine lakes, beautiful gardens and waterfalls, all in the backdrop of mountains makes Kodaikanal a must travel destination in Tamil Nadu. Whether you are looking for destination for family vacation or honeymoon, Kodaikanal is the perfect choice. A boat trip in a Kodai Lake is such a refreshing experience that you won't forget ever in your life. If leisure travel is not your type, don't be disappointed, there are several trekking trails for adventure lovers to enjoy vacation in Kodaikanal.

Kodaikanal Lake :
 The most popular lake in town is Kodaikanal Lake also known as Kodai Lake. It is an artificial lake built in the shape of star

Bryant Park :
The park is located right next to Kodai lake. Spread in the area of 20.5 acres, Bryant Park is a fantastic botanical garden with 325 species of trees and shrubs. There are over 740 varieties of roses in the park. Eucalyptus tree (1857) is the oldest tree at the park. Another popular tree is Bodhi tree with religious significance.

Kurinjiandavar Temple :
 Dedicated to Lord Muruga, Kurinjiandavar Temple is 4 km from the Kodai Lake. The temple is famous for the Kurinji Flowers that blossom only once in 12 years. The temple gives splendid views of Palani Hills and Kodaikanal.

Green Valley View :
 is famous for 5000 ft steep drop. This point offers excellent views of Vaigai Dam. Earlier this point was called Suicide Point but later changed to Green Valley View.

Berijam Lake
: Considered as most pristine of three lakes in Kodaikanal. The lake comes under the forest zone therefore tourists are required to obtain permit. Berijam lake is located 20km from Kodaikanal. Usually vehicle you rent will obtain permission on your behalf. During peak tourist season limited number of vehicles are allowed per day. 

Shembaganur Museum of Natural History :
 The oldest museum in Kodaikanal, opened in 1895 is home to collection of 500 species of animals, birds and 300 species of orchids. The museum also exhibits artifacts belonging to Palaiyar tribes. The museum remains closed on Tuesday.

Kodaikanal Solar Observatory :
 The observatory is located on the highest point near Kodaikanal. The Kodaikanal Terrestrial Telescope offers great views of Sothupparai and Vaigai dam. At night-time during the peak tourist season, observatory offers sky view from the telescope.

Silver Cascade :
 This waterfall is on route to Kodaikanal. The cold water flows between the the eucalyptus trees. Some believe that water quality of this waterfall is not good for bathing. Tourists traveling my private vehicle should visit this waterfall.

Trekking :
 There are several trekking trails for the adventure lovers in Kodaikanal. Among most popular is walk that leads to picturesque Dolphin's nose. Another popular trek is Perumalmalai trek which leads to the highest mountain in the region. You can obtain trekking guide from Kodaikanal tourist office.

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